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Our theme for 2018 is “Working Together,” and it is a reminder to us of both our great privilege and responsibility as Christians. Our key verse is 1 Corinthians 3:9, and as we consider it, we immediately see three great truths about our working together with and for our Heavenly Father.

  • There is diversity in our service. We have all been given gifts that are needed in our congregation and the church as a whole; are you using them to bring honor to the Lord Jesus?  Your service is no more or less important than any other member of the church.

  • There is a unity in our purpose. Whatever service you offer North Beckley and our surrounding communities, you are a part of God’s overarching great plan. In all our work, we must never lose our focus – a collective effort that brings glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • We must reflect a humility of spirit, for no human work will produce all that is needed. It is God in His sovereignty that has saved us and commanded us to work with Him, but only He can bless our human efforts to the point that souls are saved.

So as can be seen, YOU are needed as we seek to work together in the upcoming year. Are changes needed in areas of attendance and involvement? Do you need to make improvements in your prayer life or knowledge of the Bible? Are there activities and ministries you would like to become more involved in, but can’t seem to get out of your comfort zone? Resolve now to take needed action to make these goals become a reality, and remember to be sure to make them SMART goals!

Share your desires with others so that we can help one another and enjoy this journey together!

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